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Meet Ernie

Division Scientist

Career Area: Mobile Interactive Solutions

Ernie Rodriguez / Division Scientist

A big part of my job in Mobile Interactive Solutions is looking for new product ideas, learning about new technologies, and listening to what customers need. It’s great to see how my division’s technologies and products can help all over the world.

Since I watch out for market trends—anticipating what people will want to do in two to five years—I get to travel to Taiwan, Japan, Canada, and other countries to understand new technologies and how we might be able to use them in our products. And I get to work with smart people who are excited about new technology development.

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Meet Elena

Senior Application Engineer

Elena Herrera / Senior Application Engineer

When I started my job search after college, I had a lot of interviews with other companies. Going into every interview, I felt like I was a stranger. Then, when I interviewed at 3M, people were welcoming and friendly, and I felt right at home. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a process engineer, or be in quality or product engineering. I understood that if I didn’t like what I was doing, I could change and do something else. Here, I thought I could continue to grow and change.

What I like most about 3M is the innovation. I usually have four to five projects going on at a time, so there’s always something interesting to learn.

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Meet Bill

Key Accounts Sales Manager

Bill McGlynn / Key Accounts Sales Manager

I used to work as a sales representative for a dental company that was one of 3M ESPE’s primary competitors. I learned an important lesson back then: it’s tough to sell against 3M.

Now that I’m working here, I see it even more clearly. 3M is an innovative machine, always coming out with new, high quality products that deliver what they promise. I love being in a place that listens to my ideas and encourages me to take risks. That’s what makes selling for 3M so rewarding. And my family agrees. My father retired from 3M after 36 years in sales and marketing, and my brother is working here as an ESPE marketing manager—after I told him how great the division is.

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Meet Timothy

Package Engineering Manager

Timothy Liu / Package Engineering Manager

After two internships with 3M during college, I started in a full-time position once I earned my Packaging Engineering degree. I worked here for six years and decided I was ready for a change. I took a job at another company, but after a few years, I realized that I missed 3M and all the opportunities here. I missed knowing that if I had a question or a problem, I could find an expert down the hall that could help me. I even missed all the small perks we have here on campus—the onsite medical clinic and a fitness center.

It all adds up to a great professional environment that I didn’t really appreciate before. I returned to 3M, and now I’m recruiting college students to work here. I feel like my experience helps me share with them how unique 3M really is.

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Meet Tyler

Sales Development Supervisor

Tyler Schultz / Sales Development Supervisor

I grew near 3M's headquarters in Minnesota, always wanting to work at 3M. So in college, I was thrilled to get a 15-week summer sales internship. It was fantastic. The 3M Frontline Education Partnership was and is a first-class internship experience. I felt like a trusted, full-time employee at age 21. It solidified my desire to go into sales with 3M.

After college, I followed that path, working for nine years as a sales rep and a healthcare specialist in 3M’s Building and Commercial Services Division. I gained valuable experience listening to customers and finding new solutions to the challenges they were facing.

Today, I’m the sales trainer for our division. I get to share ideas with other sales trainers across divisions, often across global boundaries—including travel to 3M Brazil. And things have come full circle for me. I’m mentoring the current Frontline sales interns and working with 3M’s college/university partners.

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Meet Danette

Global Marketing Manager

Career Area: Corporate Strategic Business Development

Danette Andley / Global Marketing Manager

When I was an MBA student, I had a valuable summer internship with 3M. After graduation, I was offered an analyst position at 3M, managing a portfolio of projects that ranged from business model design and brand management to pricing analysis and international business.

Even though I am now in a new role as the Global Marketing Manager for the IV Site Business in the Skin and Wound Care Division, I continue to be engaged with the program as a mentor and coach to current participants.

The internship program was a great way to make connections, and I have found that being involved with 3M’s Women’s Leadership Network, an employee resource that provides women with also helps me to network and find opportunities to develop professionally in a variety of ways. I’ve held several leadership roles in the network, and it even led me to learn about the current job that I have.

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Meet Mert Buyukyazgan

Buyukyazgan / Self-awareness is Key to Building your Strengths

The challenge of energizing stagnant projects and processes motivates me. I’m constantly driven to breathe new life into projects and move them forward. This is what drives my career aspirations and daily work; this is my passion.

After completing two masters degrees—an MBA and masters in mechanical engineering—I began working at 3M Turkey as a manufacturing supervisor in 1994. My main goal was to challenge myself daily and prepare for whatever role I’d take on next. I changed positions a few times within 3M Turkey then moved to 3M Hungary as the managing director. This role was uniquely challenging because of the global recession; it was the nation’s deepest financial crisis after communism.

In 2010, I moved into my current role as a Business Development Director for IBG. Here, I am fortunate pursue my passion—energizing stagnant projects and processes—through coaching, guiding and strategic planning. I enjoy working with my team and achieving together.

Over my career, I’ve become more self-aware of my strengths and weaknesses through self-assessments and receiving feedback from others. By understanding my strengths, I’m better able to set long-term career goals and tackle specific projects successfully.

I excel in helping customers succeed and simplify complex information and concepts. I also am highly persistent and agile; I will find a way to get things done even when conditions change constantly. In this area of the world, the business climate is always shifting. We have to perceive changes, adapt quickly and remain tenacious to achieve our goal. These are my strengths that I’ve worked hard to grow.

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BARTOSZ HLAWACIK / My career path in sales for 3M Poland Healthcare

I want to improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals with high-quality products and solutions. This goal drives my career and energizes my daily work. At heart, I’m a salesperson. I know that with an effective sales process and plan—and by collaborating with a team of other talented salespeople—I can achieve this goal.

After earning a marketing degree and MBA from the University of Poznan, I began working at Covidien Healthcare Poland in 2003. Four years later, I came to 3M where I worked on a sales team in the immobilization products and medical tapes group. My primary responsibilities were determining how to grow sales of synthetic casts to Polish public hospitals, as well as to improve orthopedists’ view of our new functional immobilization method.

I enjoyed this first position at 3M very much. Very quickly, however, I was moved to another role where I managed a team of six sales representatives. This was an exciting change, but was also very challenging; and I had learn how to lead a team. I had to quickly learn about all our products and form strategies for faster, more efficient sales. We secured a few major contracts and, more importantly, I gained my teams’ trust and respect.

Right when I started to feel comfortable, I was promoted to sales manager for Infection Prevention and Skin & Wound Care divisions. The sales force team I oversee is quite large and very talented. We collaborate with the marketing teams to grow sales in public hospitals, specific distributors and other key markets. When I changed roles, I felt like I had to learn everything all over again. The approach to business development is very different, as is managing a larger team on the country level. I’ve certainly had stressful days! Yet, I’m always very thankful and happy for the challenge. I was recently also appointed Sales Excellence Leader for 3M Poland—so again I have a new challenge.

The obstacles and stresses I’ve overcome over the years in my different roles have helped me develop many skills, including the abilities to compromise and collaborate when working in a team. While stressful days are never fun, it's important to keep in mind that you’re always learning and growing in some way. The skills and lessons you learn during those difficult times help you later on.

It’s vital to always trust yourself and have faith in your personal potential. When I trust myself, I find that I’m more motivated and engaged. I also ask myself, “What can I do better?” and “How can I do this better?” constantly. Never give up on your ambitions and goals. Jump into a new project or role—taking smart risks pay off. I don’t believe there’s any “universal recipe” for career success. You have to work hard—and then harder—every day.

Best of luck to you on your journey!

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